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What is that smell?! Oh no, Brutus got it!I'm sure you've either said something like that or know someone who has!

Mating season happens during February and March, and the young are born between mid-spring until mid-summer. Typically, there are 4-6 young per litter. Weaning of the young skunks happens at two months and by fall, they have established their own dens.

As the young leave home, they are out roaming to find coverage may that be in tree hollows, under porches, sheds, under homes, and other locations.

Unfortunately, as you and the dog move around your place or enter their domain as a warning, they spray. When this happens, you google every remedy to relieve the stench. Or reach for that tomato juice and pet shampoo you have close.

The most effective skunk odor removal is hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap. Although this works, it can be very drying on their skin. I suggest adding in Skouts Honor Skunk Odor Eliminator. You can mix it in the concoction, it will aid in removing the scent safely and gently.

Stir the concoction together and liberally apply and massage onto their coat and skin. Then rinse with warm water and do it again, if needed. Follow up with a pH balanced pet shampoo and conditioner. I suggest Soos Pet Products or Vetericyn Foam Care.

Keep these items handy for when you least expect it. Beware of the skunks!

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