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How to Welcome A Baby Calf

Gather your supplies needed such as:

  • Buckets- one for water, one for feed -Straw for bedding

  • A good milk replacer- like Snowflake Milk Replacer or calf will nurse off the cow

  • Provide a separate stall for the calf if separating from the Mom.

Set a consistent schedule to do chores. Morning and night. And if you're able to check midday.

Example - 8am- 4pm- 8pm

You're looking to make sure calf is hydrated. Has a full belly.

Moving around. Able to get up and down.

Checking manure for scours.

Scours is diarrhea, an inflammation of the intestinal tract. Happen typically between 3-16 days of life. You can treat with apple cider vinegar or with LA- 200, an antibiotic, if needed.

You should expect to use three bags of milk replacer per calf if you follow the suggested feeding time of twice a day. This will give the calf a good start. PS - It's best to mix milk replacer with warm water.

As the calf weans off milk replacer, the calf will consume more water, calf starter, and good quality hay.

Consult your vet for immediate treatment or any questions.

Keep in mind -Every farm is different. What works on one, isn't the same for another. Most important is the health of our cattle. They rely on us to care for them. Take this responsibility seriously!

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