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Do You Think Your Pet Has a Food Allergy?

You think your pet has a food allergy. But how do you really know?

  • Heres what you should look for.

  • Your pet licks their paws a lot.

  • Constantly itching, licking, and scratching themselves.  Especially after they eat.

  • Breaks out in hives,  swollen face and body, and red smelly ears.

The tricky part is figuring out what is your pet allergic to. You can consult with your veterinarian to do tests or do a process of elimination.

Start with one thing at a time for 1 month such as only feed one pet food, no treats, or table scraps.

The more you keep switching, won't allow you to be able to pinpoint the problem. Important to know, true allergies are a reaction or an  "overreaction" of the immune system to foreign proteins.

Good place to start is feeding a lamb and rice diet. Unfortunately, food allergies happen not a lot but they do and can take months to figure out a solution. My suggestion keep switching products within a month to two months period until you find one that works better.

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