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Do You Have a Picky Pet Eater?

My dog is a picky eater. I switch his pet food often. He sniffs and licks at it but won't eat it. I'm worried he is hungry so I give him table scraps or I cook him a fresh cooked meal...and he loves it but I can't do it every day. What can I do?

Does this sound familiar?

Well, don't worry this can be fixed!

First, pick a diet that you believe in and feel comfortable feeding but be sure its tasty and nutritious.

Second, do not feed any treats or table scraps etc.

Third, measure the appropriate amount of pet food and put it in the dish. Leave it out for 30 minutes.

Fourth, take it away.

You may endure disappointment from your dog for a few days but don't worry hes not starving. If he is hungry, he will eat. Dogs are descendants of opportunistic animals they eat what they can, when they can get it.

Its important to know dogs and cats have different nutritional needs than us, so what's necessarily balanced for humans, isn't for them.  If after three days your dog still hasn't eaten, there may be a medical problem that needs attention. In that case, consult with your veterinarian immediately.

This technique is an effective way to eliminating picky eating behavior. 

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