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Are My Pets Happy and How Can I Tell?

Pets may not speak like humans but most pets wear their feelings through body language. Its important to know if your pet is in good physical condition. Consulting with your veterinarian is always a good place to start if you have any questions.  Signs of a happy dog are eating and drinking properly, wagging their tail when they see someone they love or are familiar with,  playing games, and running around. Signs of stress or sadness are tense body language such as tail down,  crouched body posture, their ears back, and a big frown on their face.

Similar to dogs, cats should be eating and drinking properly and seem relaxed. Their behavior with familiar people should be consistent such as purring when pet, playing with their toys, cleaning themselves,  and napping often. When a cat is hiding or wandering should raise some concern may it be stress or anxiety due to sickness or change in atmosphere. Cats are not ones who enjoy change or new things in their environment or territory.

You know your pet best! Being conscious of how your pet normally behaves and acting on it when you notice differences will be the best place to start.

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