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Fleas- Prevention 101

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Flea and Tick Prevention It's important that your pet has protection all year long. Nothing worse than having a pet that is irritated, uncomfortable, and scratching constantly. You have a variety of ways to treat and prevent fleas and ticks. Such as:

  • Collars

  • Sprays

  • Washes

  • Flea Dip and Comb

  • Essential Oils

I suggest using the flea comb on your pet before any treatment because the comb will remove the flea dirt and eggs from future infestation. Fleas can come into your home on your pets fur and even carried on your shoe. Then the havoc begins. Fleas will start producing within 24 hours and lay thousands of eggs!

Treatment of your yard is just as important as your pet. You can spread diatomeceous earth in your yard or purchase yard sprays that hook directly to your hose. One from Wondercide is really good and natural. Directly apply twice in the first week to eliminate all active pests. To keep control and make sure your yard stays a safe haven for your family, it is recommended to apply routine prevention every 4-6 weeks. Once your home is infested, it is a process to remove. It can take up to three months of treatment until the infestation is gone.

Clean, clean, clean all the cracks in the walls and flooring, counter tops, cupboards, bedding, bathroom, furniture, carpet, etc. You and the vacuum will become great friends.  And spray the home down with a flea spray.

Wondercide Pet and Home Spray is great to have in stock, it is a multi purpose pest control spray for your entire environment and is safe for your pets and kids! Fleas and ticks may be minuscule they can wreck havoc easily and quickly. Prevention is your friend.

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