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About Us

Feed & Equipment Store in Olean, NY

In October 2016 on our 90-acre farm, in a small corner of our machine shop, we started our dream, the Whistle Stop Feed Shop. In the end of 2021, the name has been updated to Whistle Stop Feed & Equipment.


On our farm, we mainly raise beef cattle. We also plant and harvest over 1000 acres of crops and hay. We utilize some of our crops for feed mixes that we sell at our store, such as shelled corn plus sell our fresh steam heated maple syrup!


From the beginning, we wanted to cater to the backyard farmer, crop farmer, homeowner and pet owners. We started by offering just five feed choices, some of which we purchased in bulk from a local mill and bagged on site. In April 2017, we added Victor Super Pet Food, wild bird seed, fertilizer, crop and food plot seed along with individual farm supplies like twine.


By March of 2018, we moved to our current location. We are now a Spartan and Grasshopper Lawn Mower dealer as well as offering build to order Amish sheds for your property.  


We love what we do and are excited for the future providing fine feeds, farm supplies, and property products to our wonderful customers like you!

About: About Us
About: About Us
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Our Story

Hi, I’m Ashley Hatch. I grew up in Olean, NY and my family always had a dog. That's when my love of pets began. At the very beginning of my life. I find the bond between a human and a pet can be astonishing! 

From an early age, I knew I wanted to be part of that relationship and believe the best way would be through nutrition. My husband's family grew up on a farm and I have been able to continue learning about animals and farming through them. I believe being out in the field on your hands and knees provides great insight and experience; whether that is caring for and growing cattle or caring for any other pet.


I also like asking questions. I’ve learned over and over again that if you ask the right question, you'll get the right answer. That's why I spend a lot of time speaking with our customers, asking questions and learning about their animals.  

On any given day, our customers can expect to see me, Ashley, my son, Orson, and my Boerboel mastiff, Bruno, at the store. Whistle Stop Feed Shop is a family business where you will see lots of family, including in laws, parents, kids and my husband, Ryan. Ryan is a full-time crop farmer managing over 1,000 acres. During the spring, you’ll find Ryan chatting with customers about animals as well as the planting season. 

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